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Living abroad, eating healthy: the nutritional pathway that speaks your language

Hello! My name is Gianluca and, just like you, I live the experience of being an expat. I have made the cold Swedish lands my second home, and I know full well how complicated it can be to find those who really understand our nutritional needs, eating habits, traditions and, why not, even our little quirks when it comes to food.

Over the years, I have had the good fortune and privilege to assist other people who, like me, have chosen to live in another country, such as the UK, Germany, Spain, and,  even Taiwan and Dubai.

My mission? Ensuring that you get a tailored online nutrition service that takes into account your needs as an expat, but also respects where you live now. Because even if we are far from home, our well-being should never be compromised.

If you are looking for someone who really ‘gets it,’ who will listen to your needs and turn them into a nutritional path made just for you, you are in the right place. I invite you to find out how I can help you. Because Italian-ness is a feeling, a taste, a tradition, wherever you are.

Nutrizionista italiano online
Monica O.
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I recommend Dr. Tognon for his preparation his great professionalism and his gentle manner and especially for the results achieved
Eleanor B.
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He carries out his profession with passion, very attentive to the needs of the individual person, friendly and helpful.
Manuela M.
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I had my first visit today I was fine, very knowledgeable and professional.

My mission is your health

Nutrizionista a Lodi

With more than 15 years of experience, my vision is clear: I want to build a healthier society with the strength of my work. Here in Sweden I also work as an associate professor in public health, and I always rely on scientific and serious foundations. My commitment is to guarantee you a nutritional approach away from the dangerous advice of “gurus” who put your health at risk in the name of profit.

On the web, you will find my books, testimonials and feedback from those who have regained balance through my advice. Together, we will learn to recognize true hunger from emotional hunger, explore new foods and discover tasty recipes that combine wellness and flavor.

Book an online visit with me. Don’t put off your well-being.

Stefania C.
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My experience with Dr. Tognon is super positive. It's been a few weeks since my journey began, and I'm very pleased with both the results I'm getting and the support the doctor is giving me. My relationship with food is changing, more conscious and less and less dependent on sugar.
Paolo Bruschi
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For many years I tried to do the diet but in the end without success, today I had my first checkup from Dr Gianluca Tognon and I have to admit that not even a month has passed since I started the diet, surprise I lost 6 kg, I am very happy about that and now I want to reach my goal and thanks to Dr Gianluca with his professionalism I am sure I can do it.
Rossana Roncari
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What to say..... A Level I nutritionist, a person who gave me confidence from the first day I met her, competent , professional and always available. I have been following her dietary regimen since mid' December and I would say that the results are optimal. I don't miss anything with this diet and the motivation to continue is very high. I highly recommend it to everyone who has weight problems like me.

Always available

I know how crucial it can be to have a reliable, ever-present point of reference during a feeding journey. That is why many of my clients, after the visit, do not hesitate to seek me out for doubts or clarifications. Whether you wish to reach me by phone, via Whatsapp or through Facebook, my promise is one: I will always be there for you.

Tailored pathway

In our first meeting, we will work out together a carefully tailored dietary path, taking into consideration your tastes and habits. This will ensure that you avoid falling into generic dietary patterns and being confronted with dishes that do not reflect your tastes. Your nutrition will continue to be a pleasure in the discovery of taste and well-being.

300 healthy recipes

Over the years I have collected many healthy and very simple to prepare recipes, which you will find in the menus I will send you. replace a food, no problem, contact me and together we will find the best solution for you.

Complete analysis

During our first visit, I will conduct a thorough assessment of your current situation. With a set of targeted questions, I will be able to design a nutrition path perfectly tailored to your needs and desires.

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My experience is super positive. I learned how to eat healthy and balanced and found the doctor very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. In addition, the proposed recipes are really great! I am very satisfied!
Francis Sacco
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I went to Dr. Tognon with the intent to lose about 10 kg, premise that I have undergone several weight changes over the years and was very skeptical. I have been pleasantly impressed both by the ease with which I have lost weight (considering that at lunchtime due to work commitments it is difficult to follow the program to the letter) and by the new recipes she has introduced me to. So you lose weight with gusto! I recommend him to everyone because of his great experience and professionalism.
Diego Valentini
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Absolutely recommended. Serious,professional,I have been following his dietary regimen for 3 months and have lost 14 kg. It also makes you learn how and what to eat. He helped me with his diet to fix my blood tests and regularize my body. Highly recommended!

Your path to self-aware, self-reliant nutrition


Through the path I propose, you will not only have the opportunity to reach your ideal weight, but you will also say goodbye to the ailments and problems arising from unbalanced eating. The real transformation will occur in your relationship with food: you will find a balance that will allow you to finally feel in harmony with your body and embrace a new, more confident and satisfied version of you.

My main goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to make you independent in managing your nutrition and weight. I want you to be able to free yourself from the idea of “being on a diet” and instead embrace a healthy and sustainable approach to eating. Step by step, I will guide you in learning healthy eating habits, making you discover the pleasure of eating properly and consciously.

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Full marks evaluation, Dr. always helpful, informed and up-to-date, every question answered with professionalism. The results are evident not only in weight loss but also in the elimination of eating disorders that have affected me in the past.
Sara Vitaloni
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have no doubts if you are looking for a nutritionist,definitely good, serious and prepared!always available to answer doubts and requests both via email and whatsapp, in 3 months I lost 9 kilos but many cm in the waist, I'm really happy. advises and gives you very good recipes, with doctor gianluca I learned how to cook fish!!thanks
Adelisa Tabiadon
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Good and very knowledgeable!!! Suggests delicious and must-try recipes.....spoken by one who loves to cook. Always varied diet does not bore and satiates. THANK YOU!!!!!

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