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Secure your free, no-obligation introduction call on Zoom today, and together, let’s begin the journey to explore the transformative power of personalized nutrition. As a seasoned nutritionist with almost two decades of expertise, I have successfully guided hundreds of people to overcome health challenges such as weight loss, obesity, underweight issues, food allergies, IBS, and chronic diseases. Let’s discuss how I can devise a program tailored uniquely for you. 

Dipika K
Dipika K@username
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Very nice and effective advice about healthy food, what to eat and not. Suggests balanced diet that keeps you full and shed those extra pounds. Highly recommend if you want to invest in a happy healthy body.
Stefania C.
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My experience with Dr. Tognon is super positive. It's been a few weeks since my journey began, and I'm very pleased with both the results I'm getting and the support the doctor is giving me. My relationship with food is changing, more conscious and less and less dependent on sugar.
Don D.
Don D.@username
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After multiple attemps at losing weight, I realized that I was probably doing something wrong and decided to consult Gianluca. That was probably one the best decisions I have ever made, because I got so much progress while also feeling like I eat more, I feel better, and I regularly have things I enjoy but thought I could not have, like cheese and nuts. He showed me how eating properly is so much more effective, easier to maintain, and long-lasting than trying to shrink meals and suffer for results that will go away the moment you go back to "normal". I highly suggest his program to anyone that thinks they're eating too little and yet maintaining or gaining weight.
Paolo B.
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For many years I tried to lose weight without success. Today I had my first follow-up visit with Gianluca and I was surprised to discover that I lost 6 kg. I am very happy about that and now I am sure I will reach my goal thanks to Gianluca and his professionalism.
Nadia R
Nadia R@username
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The service is very complete and Gianluca explains everything based on academic research. I got a full list of things I should eat as a starting vegetarian and tips on where to find everything. I recommend it a lot!
Cornelia S
Cornelia S@username
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Gianluca helped me to loose 14 kg after my minor strokes by introducing me to the mediterranean diet and giving me a well balanced dietary plan to follow. It’s really worth the effort!
Maria M. C.
Maria M. C.@username
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Gianluca Tognon is a professional person. Under his guidance, I lost weight healthily and with the help of Mediterranean menus which are determined after thorough discussion with the client. His book is also worth reading (50 Pounds Slimmer) as you learn a lot practically about cooking etc. Really recommend!
Rossana R.
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What to say..... A Level I nutritionist, a person who gave me confidence from the first day I met her, competent , professional and always available. I have been following her dietary regimen since mid' December and I would say that the results are optimal. I don't miss anything with this diet and the motivation to continue is very high. I highly recommend it to everyone who has weight problems like me.
Ciprian C
Ciprian C@username
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With the help of Gianluca's nutritional advice, I lost weight, got better focus and learned to eat healthy. I highly recommend him as a nutritionist!

Reach nutritional independence


Empower Yourself.

Embarking on this health journey with me is not just about reaching your optimal weight or rectifying nutritional imbalances. It’s about cultivating a transformative relationship with food that lasts a lifetime.

This program is designed to help you not only attain your fitness goals and overcome issues related to improper nutrition, but also to help you celebrate your body and foster a lasting sense of confidence and self-love.

Most importantly, this journey is about achieving nutritional independence. Unlike many diets that foster dependency, my approach is different. I am here to guide you, educate you, and ultimately help you to master the skill of nourishing yourself properly.

You will learn to understand your body’s unique needs, respond wisely to hunger cues, and feel comfortable making food choices in a variety of situations. This not only empowers you in the present, but equips you with the knowledge and skills to maintain your health in the long term.

With my guidance, you will evolve from depending on a diet to mastering your nutrition. Let’s start this exciting journey together.

Ongoing Health Guidance

Your health journey doesn’t end when the consultation does; in fact, it’s just beginning. That’s why I encourage my clients to reach out to me anytime—via phone, text, Whatsapp, or Facebook. Consider me your trusted ally in your pursuit of optimal health. Whether you’re looking for inspiring new recipes, guidance on food substitutions, or simply seeking advice, rest assured I’m here to support you. Together, we’ll navigate these choices, finding solutions that are perfectly tailored to you. Remember, your success is my success, and I’m dedicated to making your health transformation as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Tailored pathway

Following our introduction call, you can schedule an in-depth initial consultation with me, either in person or online. This next step is entirely at your discretion, allowing you to feel comfortable and ready to begin. During this meeting, we’ll embark on a journey to craft your personalized nutritional strategy. A plan that aligns with your tastes and habits and encourages healthier choices, preventing unhealthy indulgences and ensuring your diet doesn’t become a chore with unappealing dishes. Together, we’ll design an enjoyable and sustainable path just for you.

Hundreds of healthy recipes

Although you don’t need to be a chef to embrace a healthier lifestyle! Throughout my career, I’ve curated a treasure trove of simple and nutritious recipes that you will find in the menus I provide. Whether you love to cook or prefer not to spend much time in the kitchen, I’ve got you covered. Even if you need to replace a food, rest assured, we can handle it together. With me as your guide, we’ll navigate your culinary journey, finding solutions that work seamlessly for your lifestyle and preferences.

Personalized assessment

Your journey to an optimal health deserves a thorough start. During our first meeting, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of your unique circumstances. Through meticulous analyses and targeted questions, I will gain a deep understanding of your needs, preferences, and goals. This insight will serve as the foundation to craft your personalized nutritional path, one that’s truly designed for your success and thrive.

Who am I?

Nutrizionista a Lodi

Balancing roles as an Associate Professor in Public Health and a driven entrepreneur, I’ve devoted almost 20 years to health and nutrition. My varied experience ranges from offering personalized consultations to individuals, guiding organizations, to serving as a nutrition consultant for startups pioneering new food and health products. I’m passionate about facilitating a healthier society through science-backed, accessible nutritional advice, offering a genuine alternative to profit-driven ‘nutrition gurus’. You’ll find abundant references to my work, reviews, and publications online. I aim to help you differentiate true hunger from emotional cravings, discover wholesome foods, and enjoy delicious, health-conscious recipes. Following our introduction call, we can arrange an affordable, comprehensive nutrition consultation to create your tailored plan. Don’t wait to start your journey to better health—schedule a free no-obligation introduction call now!

Want to know more about me? Read my book!

Dive into the pages of my book, ’50 Pounds Slimmer: Lose Weight Easily Without Hoaxes’ — a crystallized account of nearly two decades of professional experience guiding hundreds to achieve sustainable weight loss. This isn’t just another diet book; it’s a profound exploration of why traditional diets often fail and how you could be unknowingly sabotaging your own health.

Through each chapter, you’ll gain invaluable insights into conquering emotional hunger, identifying hidden weight gain culprits, and incorporating healthy habits into your daily life. The book also provides over 50 easy, nutritious recipes to help you make smart shopping choices and enjoy cooking healthily.

Whether you’re looking to shed 20 pounds or simply want to live more mindfully, this book offers the guidance and motivation you need. It’s not about drastic, unrealistic promises, but a tried-and-true pathway to lasting health and wellbeing.

You can purchase ’50 Pounds Slimmer’ now to acquaint yourself with my methods and philosophy. Alternatively, book an introductory call with me and opt for a personal consultation — a package that includes a complimentary copy of the book. Embark on a transformative journey guided by hard science, empathy, and real-world experience.

Book a free introduction call to discuss how I can help you