Focus on why you eat and not what you eat

Forget slimming diets. They don't work.

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Say good bye to slimming diets

In this ebook you will discover why popular slimming diets work only in the short term. 
You will understand how to deal with emotional eating and discover what’s the NUMBER ONE ENEMY stopping you from losing weight
You will learn how to cook healthy meals thanks to the the 50 recipes contained in this ebook.
But, above all, you will discover how to stop depending on slimming diets to lose weight and learn how to regain control of your dietary habits.

Who is Gianluca Tognon?

Nutrizionista a Lodi

I divide myself between Sweden and Italy and worked in the area of health and nutrition for over 15 years. My dream is to contribute to a healthier society through my work. I am committed to achieving this goal by offering nutritional support based on serious and scientific principles. I want to be a viable alternative to the nutrition gurus who destroy people’s health to make a lot of money. On the web you will find many references to me, to my books and you will be able to read reviews of people who have turned to me to feed themselves in a more balanced way. I will teach you to eat and to distinguish true hunger from nervous hunger. You will discover new foods and tasty recipes that will allow you to keep fit without sacrificing taste. Book a nutritional visit with me now, don’t wait !!

A tested, tried and improved method

In this e-book you will find out how to distinguish emotional hunger from true hunger and use this valuable information to your advantage to feed yourself only when your body needs it. You will also discover which enemy number 1 is that prevents you from losing weight and that makes you eat compulsively rather than feed yourself according to your real needs. Beware of trendy diets! Finally, I will talk to you about the importance of physical activity and how to increase it even if you have little time at your disposal.

So what are you waiting for? Download a copy of your e-book now and start your journey towards a healthier diet, for only $ 3.99!

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What my clients say about me:

"Thanks to Dr. Tognon and his patient professionalism, and his always new and simple recipes!"
She lost 40 kg
"I went to Dr. Tognon with the intention of losing about ten kilos, given that I have undergone several changes in weight and ..."
He lost 10 kg
"Absolutely recommended. Serious, professional, I have been following his diet for 3 months and I have lost 14 kg."
He lost 14kg